SLEEP on it is the largest specialty sleep shop within 100 miles of Harrisonburg. Quick Links:


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SLEEP on it came to Harrisonburg as the Waterbed Shack in 1988, as a sister store to the Waterbed Shack of Waynesboro. That store first opened its doors in 1980 and became the Valley’s first waterbed store.   As regular mattresses, futons, and specialty products such as air beds, Swedish foam, latex foam, and adjustable beds became popular sellers for the company, it’s name was changed to SLEEP on it as a way to better reflect the fact that the store was about much more that just waterbeds.  In 2015 SLEEP on it moved into a space next door to its home of over 20 years.

Because of its diverse range of products, SLEEP on it has become the largest specialty bedding store between Roanoke and Winchester, serving central western Virginia and much of eastern West Virginia. As Harrisonburg’s only specialty bedding store, customers can experience any bedding type on the market: innerspring, latex foam, visco elastic (Swedish) or memory foam, airbeds, waterbeds (softside and wooden frame),  adjustable beds, and futons. SLEEP on it also sells hard to find higher quality bed linens designed to properly fit today’s mattresses, and mattress protection products for moisture, allergies and bed bugs.  Such diversity makes SLEEP on it a one-stop shop for everyone’s bedding needs.

Because SLEEP on it has been locally owned since 1992 by Don and Sandy Knicely’s family, customers can enjoy a friendly, comfortable atmosphere free of the high pressure tactics and slick dealings of the cookie-cutter warehouse stores. Because SLEEP on it is a specialty bedding store, its sleep consultants can offer a greater knowledge of products and better address important issues that furniture stores cannot master because of their broad product base. Years of experience and expertise are brought to each sale to ensure that every customer gets the right bed at the best price.  It is not the goal to sell you a mattress.  The goal is to help you find a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Better.  Live Better.