topperA foam topper can be a great addition to an existing mattress under some conditions.  Unfortunately, they are limited to a very specific benefit.  Toppers are made of a number of different types of foam: standard polyurethane, latex, memory (the most common) or a combination of foams.  Many people purchase toppers in an effort to get a few more years out of an aging mattress.  This rarely works because the reason that mattress is failing is that the springs or other support system is broken down and saggy.  A topper will not solve this problem; only one thing will: a new mattress.  The problem that toppers excel at solving is hardness.  If the surface of the mattress applying too much pressure to the skin and joints, the topper will increase pressure reduction.

Choosing a Topper

Density: Memory foam has a density rating in pounds. A higher number (weight) indicates the memory foam is more dense which will give you better conformability and longer durability.  The weight of most memory foams ranges from less than three pounds to more than five pounds.  Toppers are commonly made of foam with a density of between two and four pounds.  Higher density foams cost more than lower ones. Less than two pounds is not going to be very effective and is, therefore, not recommended.  Also, some imported foams include materials other than the petrochemicals used to make foam, clay for instance.  The inclusions will contribute weight, but not quality of performance.

Thickness:  Toppers can be purchased in thicknesses ranging from less than an inch to four inches.  Generally speaking, a topper less than two inches will compress so much that it becomes effectively useless.  Toppers more than four inches are usually not needed.  Thicker, of course, is more expensive.  If you need a topper thicker than four inches, you do not need a topper, you need a different mattress!  A thickness of two to three inches is usually optimal.

Topper Options at SLEEP on it

2½” Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Gel-infused cooling
  • Ventilated for increased airflow
  • Conforming support with cooling gel
  • 2.5″ thick gel-infused memory foam offers superior cooling

2½” Liquid Gel Mattress Topper

  • Liquid gel cooling layer
  • Captures and distributes heat
  • Conforming support with cooling gel
  • 2.5″ thick premium memory foam with liquid gel layer

2″ Latex Foam Mattress Topper

    • Soft, resilient response
    • Ventilated for increased airflow
    • Latex core made in USA
    • Regulates sleep temperature


Warranty and Care Instructions

Your topper has a 3-year warranty that protects you from problems resulting from manufacturing or material defects.  For best results be sure to place the topper directly on the mattress beneath your mattress protector or pad. Hand wash cover only.  Do not bleach.  Do not dry clean. Do not dry. Do not iron.