The Importance of the Correct Pillow

usingpillowThe correct pillow and a “good quality” pillow may not always be the same thing.  Just because a pillow is expensive does not mean that it fits your need correctly.  You know that one of the keys to a good night’s sleep is the correct mattress.  But, your pillow is a bed for your head; it is just as crucial. Even if you have a great mattress you may still wake up with a stiff neck or feeling unrested. It may be because you do not have the right pillow.

The right pillow should comfortably fill the void in your neck area that exists when you lay on your mattress.  The size of this void depends on your body size, the type of mattress you have and the firmness of your mattress.  It should not compact or greatly change shape during the night.  Just as many people mistakenly think that a hard mattress is better, many people think that a thick pillow is better.

Consider your sleeping position, your mattress firmness and the pillow’s size, fill and shape when considering a pillow.

sizesTEST IT!  One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make when buying pillows is that they choose it while standing up. The only way to know if the pillow is the right fit is to lay on a mattress with similar characteristics as yours and try it on.  Would you buy a pair of shoes without putting them on and walking around a bit?

Finally, you must be willing to invest in a good pillow.  Good pillows, regardless of type, can cost anywhere from $60 to $150 dollars.  You cannot expect the cheap polyester filled pillows to suit all your needs.  They don’t work well; that’s why they are cheap!

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