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OtisBed Manufacturing


otisfactoryOtisBed is a privately held Corporation located in Buffalo, a popular port city in Western New York that borders Canada, where in 1882 one man named – George Otis – began to produce handmade mattress and boxspring sets and delivered those sets by horse and buggy. Three generations later, the same family still holds ownership and has strengthened their position in the industry.

Over a century since its inception, OtisBed Manufacturing  produces high performance sleep and cushioning systems for the consumer and medical products market. Their designers and engineers incorporate the most advanced technologies and materials with old-world quality craftsmanship that has set the standard for durability, quality, and comfort in the industry.

packageOver the years Otis has found that 100% cotton futons tend to pack down and become extremely firm and heavy, so they began to incorporate foam to the mix to eliminate this tendency. Then we added polyester to add more softness. Eventually our engineers removed all traces of cotton and used only high-density foam and polyester; that created the “Cotton-less” futon craze! Known as innovators in the industry, Otis Bed utilized its knowledge in the medical industry along with the latest advances in technology to manufacture our signature line of high performance cushion and sleep systems.


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OtisBed Hypoallergenic Futon Line

Certainly Otis designs its futons with a number of things in mind:

Comfort:  They want them to be supportive and pressure reducing while remaining flexible.

Durablility:  Their futons need to resist compaction and maintain their shape on the edges and in critical sitting and sleeping areas.

Value:  Of course, Otis tries very hard to produce the highest quality futon for an affordable price.

Hypoallergenic: The futons in the hypoallergenic line are designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction by containing fewer potentially irritating substances.  Get more information here.