Memory Foam Mattresses

handprintOne of the fastest growing mattresses types, visco-elastic, AKA “Swedish” foam or memory foam has many unique properties that make it a marvelous choice for sleep surfaces.  It is used to make both all-foam mattresses and as an additional material in other types of mattresses.  It can now be found in nearly every segment of the bedding industry.

Memory foam was developed in the 1960s under a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center to improve the comfort of aircraft and spacecraft cushions.  When NASA released memory foam to the public in the early 1980s, a foam company in Sweden was one of the few companies willing to work because the manufacturing process was still difficult. Their 1991 product, the “TempurPedic Swedish Mattress” eventually led to the creation of  TempurPedic.


While TempurPedic remains an industry leader, many other foam companies have over the years figured out how to produce visco-elastic foam and have even improved on it.  In the early 2000s, ComforPedic (bought by Simmons, these mattresses are now called Beautyrest Memory Foam) improved on the original by creating a foam with a faster recovery time and more air flow which helps the foam and thus the bed remain more thermo-neutral. In the mid 2000s, gel was added to the foam.  Gel visco or gel memory foam, consists of gel particles fused within visco foam to help reduce heat and help the mattress feel softer.

Memory Foam Mattresses at SLEEP on it

SLEEP on it offers a wide variety of brands and models of memory foam mattresses.  With the largest selection in the region, SLEEP on it specializes in the comfort, conformability and durability that memory foam offers.  Currently on display are eight models of TempurPedic, four models of iComfort, and three models of Perfect Sleeper foam mattresses.

A Word About Compatibility 

Memory foam mattresses are compatible with almost all beds, platforms, and boxsprings.  Memory foam mattress perform best on solid foundations that provide a hard, flat level surface on which the mattress can rest.  It is recommended that you purchase a foundation with your new memory foam mattress if you do not already have one.  Memory foam mattresses also work beautifully with adjustable bases.  The flexibility of the mattress follows well the contour of the base when adjusted.