Mattress Tech

Mattress Tech, founded in 2012 by two industry veterans with over eighty years of experience in manufacturing, developing, and selling mattresses, has a family heritage of producing quality mattresses since 1925. Their mattresses are designed to exceed the industry standard at every level. The owners are “hands-on” in every aspect of their business. They manufacture mattresses the “old fashioned” way.

Mattress Tech is an American company based in Thomasville, North Carolina. The company manufactures multiple brands of mattresses that are sold at a selective group of retailers. Timeless Bedding, Body Tech, Spinal Tech, and Cheswick Manor are among the company’s main brand names. Whichever brand you select, rest assured, it has the stamp of approval directly from the ownership. Pride and passion are the driving forces behind Mattress Tech. The owners are driven to manufacture products with a vision towards detail and quality. No corners are cut at Mattress Tech. Just like the previous generations of mattress makers, this generation of Mattress Tech continues to uphold the tradition of making quality products with integrity.

Whether it is a mattress for the guest room or the master bedroom, Mattress Tech offers a large selection of quality sleep products that fulfill any comfort and lifestyle. Mattress Tech has the optimal sleep system for a healthy and rejuvenating good night’s sleep. While the other mattress companies spend millions and millions of dollars on branding their products, Mattress Tech invests in quality materials and skilled craftsmen to manufacture a product that exceeds the expectations of the consumer. That is something both rare and refreshing in today’s marketplace.

SLEEP on it sells mattresses in both the BodyTech spring and the SpinalTech hybrid lines.  The products in both of these series offer great feels, full warranties, and excellent prices.