From its inception, Malouf has been passionate about great sleep, but also fostering a culture of healthy living, great food, having fun and giving back to the community.

Its founders, Sam & Kacie Malouf, wanted upscale bedding, but were disappointed with the selection and price. So, they set out to find a way to find a better, more luxurious sleep experience sleep at a lower price. That passion led them to discover where and how to create high-quality products at an affordable cost. Malouf was created as the result of their desire to share this discovery.

Because each aspect of every product was highly considered, their reputation grew quickly Customers who buy their products recognize the quality of their products, its packaging, as well as affordable pricing. Not to mention superior customer service.

Malouf has a great selection of fine linens, comfortable pillows, protective covers, and unusual, hard to find accessories.

Premium Linens

The products that began it all.  With the look of distinction and the feel of luxury, these bed linens combine superior materials with innovative technologies to bring you sheets that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Rayon From Bamboo

These 100% Rayon From Bamboo sheets are incredibly silky and soft for sensitive skin.  Hypoallergenic, moisture  and odor resistant, these sheets have ultra-deep sides to ensure a proper fit.  Our best sellers!  $99.99-$149.99

Brushed Microfiber

These super soft, brushed microfiber sheets are stain and wrinkle resistant, soft to the touch, and have oversized dimensions to cover most mattress sides.  A terrific value!  $39.99-$69.99


A sustainable, wood cellulose based fabric Tencel is ultra-soft, moisture wicking, and excels at keeping your sleeping surface cool. Deep sided, oversized dimensions ensure proper fit on thick mattresses.  $99.99-$149.99

600 TC Egyptian Cotton

Beautiful, single-ply, long-staple Egyptian cotton yarns produce a true thread count.  The sateen weave gives silky softness. Ultra-deep sides for a correct fit.  Classic!  $119.99-$179.99


Zoned Dough Memory Foam

The unique feel of the Dough foam combined with comfort zones for head and neck make these pillow standout from among their peers.  Each model excels at humidity and temperature regulation, is great for both back and side sleeping.  Select models are infused with charcoal to absorb odors, contain gel to regulate temperature or contain lavender for a soothing effect.  $24.99-$79.99

Zoned Dough Chamomile, Peppermint, and Lavender

These Zoned Dough memory foam pillows are infused with a chamomile, peppermint, or lavender scent. Scented oil refresher spritzer is included. Aroma therapy in a pillow for a relaxing experience!   $79.99-$99.99

Dough + Z Gel and Shoulder Gel Dough + Z Gel

Taking the cooling characteristic further by adding heat-capturing liquid gel, these pillows maximize the pillows ability to remain cool while you are sleeping on it.  The Shoulder Gel + Z Gel has an unique shoulder cutout that offers ideal neck support for side sleepers.  $29.99-$99.99

Travel Neck, Wrap-Around, and Lounge

Malouf also makes a number of specialty shapes to take care of those unusually comfort needs that you may have while traveling, sleeping or just sitting around.  $19.99-$69.99

Wedge and Gel Dough Wedge

Wedges can be used to elevate the torso.  This can relieve snoring, and acid reflux, sinus pressure, etc.  The firm, supportive foam wedge are also great for reading or watching TV in bed.  The Wedge is 7″ tall; the Gel Dogh wedge is 10″ tall and contains a gel-infused memory foam layer.  $49.99-$69.99

Mattress Protection

Mattress protection is nothing new.  However, today there are extraordinary choices that bring characteristics never before possible, such as waterproof AND breathable.

Five Sided Smooth Mattress Protector

Protecting both the top and sides of mattress, this liquid-proof yet breathable protector stops allergens and dust mites, stains, skin oils, odors, etc. from collecting in and on you mattress.  $59.99-$119.99

Five Sided Ice Tech Protector

Building on the qualities OF the Five Sided protector,  The IceTech protector adds cooling fabric that continually dissipates body heat to create a cool sleep climate.  $109.99-$209.99

Mattress Toppers

Toppers only provide one benefit:  plushness.  If the surface of the mattress applying too much pressure to the skin and joints, the topper can increase pressure reduction.

2.5″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This topper contains gel-infused foam and is ventilated for increased airflow to maximize cooling and conforming support.  $149.99-$279.99