Latex Foam

Introduced in 1926, latex mattresses hit their peak in 1962.  In 1963 the material of choice change almost overnight with the introduction of synthetic foam.  Petro-chemical polyurethane foams found their way into every corner of our lives including our mattresses. In the 1970s fires in manufacturing facilities and other supply chain issues all but extinguish the American latex rubber industry leaving no virtually no latex available for any use, including the making of mattresses.  In the early 1990s Europe,s love of latex mattresses spills over into the US revitalizing the American latex mattress industry.

Many of the latex mattresses in the US are being imported in part or in whole from mostly from Asia.  PureTalalayBliss, however, makes all of its mattresses (sold in the US) in the United States.  PureTalalayBliss is becoming the fastest growing manufacturer of mattresses that compete with memory foam mattresses.  They are the number one latex mattress company in the world.

Though latex foam is used in many different types of mattresses in all price ranges, pure, all latex mattresses generally occupy the premium bedding category.  With natural materials, comfortable support, and incredible durability the latex mattress is difficult to beat.


SLEEP on it is proud to be a PureTalalayBliss dealer.

SLEEP on it has access to the full-line of PureTalalayBliss Products.  Current three models are on display in the Harrisonburg showroom.