SLEEP on it is a futon specialty store!

The original term futon (derived from the Orient hundreds of years ago) means cotton mattress.  In America, the term futon has come to mean both the frame and the mattress.  Basic and natural in their initial design, futons are dual purpose and versatile (sofa by day; bed by night), perfect for saving space and for the health conscious alternative sleep individuals alike.

pocketcoilMost furniture and big box stores carry only complete futons or have low-end options.  You have no choices in the frame style and color, mattress comfort or cover style and look. As the area’s only complete futon store, at SLEEP on it you get to choose the options that best fit your need, space, decor, and budget!


The frames on display represent several different collections and styles.  Price points options vary from inexpensive to premium.  Many frames are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  Also, there are many styles available to order that are not on display.

solsticeMany futon mattress options can be combined with the frames to tailor your comfort preference with the desired look.   Spring futons can also be a good choice.  They provide a sofa-like fell when sitting and have the very familiar feel of an innerspring mattress.  Spring futons are also quite durable.  Cotton batting containing mattresses are still an excellent choice for infrequently used or economy focused uses.

albanyComplete your futon with a cover.  Choices range from solid duck or twill options to rich, elaborate tapestries.  microfibers, suedes, and woven fabrics are included in the SIS Covers collections for many style choices.  While many of the covers are washable, a number of them must be dry-cleaned.


Futons are available in full and queen sized “sofas,” loveseat, and chair sizes.  Add drawers or tables to complete the ensemble for a perfect fit to you need and space.

Finally, once you have chosen all of the components, SLEEP on it will give you a package deal on your selections so that you can get the futon that you want for an affordable price!