Daybeds Can Be Great Space Savers!


Daybeds typically feature a back and sides of wood or metal (or both) and come in twin (39″×75″) size.  Some daybeds will also feature a trundle to expand sleeping capacity.  They can be used as beds as well as for seating in areas where space is a concern.  emmaMost daybeds employ a support system made of linked or woven springs that holds the mattress. This “linkspring” is rectangular with cross supports.  Sometimes a polyester or nylon web is used instead.  Wood slats are sometimes used as well.  This design allows clearance under the daybed for storage or for another (trundle) bed.  Also, some daybeds have matching drawers for storage.  rosebuddayThey are commonly used for youths and in rooms where a regular, larger bed is not desirable.  While they serve well for the sleeping role, sitting on them can be challenging due to the seat being so deep.  Pillows must be employed to provide comfortable back support.  blackdaybedAny twin mattress can be used with a daybed.  However, it is important to note that the thickness of the bottom mattress can be an issue if a trundle is employed.  There is a limited amount of clearance under the daybed frame.

Sleep On It Carries a Variety of Daybeds.

Sleep On It has a variety of daybeds in many different styles and colors.  These  beds are gotten from New Energy, Albion, and Fashion Bed Group.  You can choose the frame and the mattress you want for a combination that best suits your space, your need, and your budget.  Trundles and drawers are sold separately so that you do not have to purchase them if you have no need for them!