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Welcome to Bed Ed(ucation)

brainThe goal of the bed ed pages is to help you find the information that you need to make a good choice when buying a mattress.  When you talk to people that have chosen the wrong mattress you will often find that they used the wrong selection process.  Often that process was all about the deal and not the comfort and suitability of the mattress.  Certainly, the deal is important; but, a great price on the wrong mattress is not a good deal.

Many people find shopping for a new mattress intimidating.  This is because there is a lot of confusion about mattresses and their related products.  Check out the mattress selection page for some explanations and tips on selecting a new mattress.

SLEEP on it has gathered as many of the bedding industry as it could find on the glossary page so that you can find out the meaning to the lingo that may seem to be a foreign language at times.

mortarboardThere are many questions concerning all aspects of mattresses and their different types.  The FAQ attempts to answers some of these questions.  If you have a question not addressed in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

Even with a good comfortable mattress (hopefully bought at SLEEP on it!), some folks have trouble getting the good night’s sleep that is an essential element to one’s health and lifestyle.  Check out the sleep tips page for a few suggestions on getting a good night’s sleep.

Finally, the links page has links to mattress manufacturers and other useful sites for sleep and bedding information.