Air Beds

SLEEP on it has been selling air beds for over 20 years.  Air beds are becoming increasingly preferred by many people over other traditional mattresses and foam mattresses. Though Sleep On It has sold several different brands in the past, SLEEP on it considers Instant Comfort to be the best NUMBER BED brand available and now sells it exclusively.

Why an air bed?

Air beds are conformable.

Because peoples’ shapes differ from person to person air beds provide superior confirmability to better fit different sleeping postures.  The combination of the adjustable air chambers and the foams and other materials on the air bed surface allow the bed to take on the shape of the sleep rather than the reverse.  It is able to do this while still providing good postural support.

Air beds are adjustable.

Adjustability is beneficial in three ways.  First, the final decision of the bed may be made in the home, not the store.  This helps ensure that the firmness choice made will be the correct one.  Second, a sleeper’s needs may change over time.  Factors including age, work, stress, health issues, and weight determine what support level is comfortable.  An airbed allows the sleeper to change his or her existing bed to their new need.  Third, each person in the bed can customize the feel of their side to their individual need ending the need for compromise.

Air beds are durable.

Air beds do not depend on metal springs to provide adequate support.  Therefore they are not subject to the gradual fatigue that causes the coil spring to lose its ability to resist compression.  Because of this air beds tend to last longer than traditional innerspring mattresses.  Also, because an air bed is a component system, only parts of the bed can be replaced should it become necessary rather than the whole bed.

Air beds are affordable.

Air beds cost about the same as premiums innerspring mattresses.  However,  they last in most cases twice as long.  A typical full quality innerspring mattress lasts about ten years; a typical air bed lasts about twenty.  Buying half as many beds saves half the cost.  Not to mention the improved sleep!

Air beds are compatible with adjustable bases.

A great compliment to an air bed is an adjustable base.   By combining the adjustable firmness of the air mattress with the adjustable position of an adjustable base you get total control over your sleeping surface.  It can be changed to meet your sleeping need for years to come.

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