SLEEP on it does not just sell beds.  It also sells many different bedding and sleep accessories.

Many shoppers who need new mattresses also need new frames, headboards, and platform bedsSLEEP on it has a great variety of different frame options to meet your specific need in a fashion appropriate to the support needs of your new mattress as well as your preference in furniture.

Additionally, SLEEP on it has many varieties of pillows.  It has foam pillows both memory and latex in contoured and standard shapes, traditionally filled pillows in different firmnesses and thicknesses, and hybrid pillows which are a combination of the two types.

Mattress protection is an important consideration when purchasing a new mattress. SLEEP on it  has a number of product options to consider including waterproof mattress protectors, traditional quilted pads and a combination of the two.  Also available are bed bug and allergy protection kits.  Sleep On It also carries sheet sets and separates in traditional and waterbed sizes.  Protect your investment!

There are also a number of sleeping accessories available at SLEEP on it .  The ChiliPad system is used to heat or cool your mattress.  Wedge pillows are useful for some people who need to elevate their torso and head during sleeping.  Massage systems can also be added to some sets for relaxation and tension reduction.  Toppers are also useful in some cases to give a hard mattress a little more conformability and pressure reduction.

Finally, SLEEP on it still carries most chemicals and accessories needed for both wooden-framed and softside waterbeds.